PromoPayment makes online credit card processing easy by providing everything you need for secure, efficient and cost-effective processing. PromoPayment was designed for the advertising specialty industry by SafeSave Payments, a software company specializing in payment processing technology.


SafeSave Payments was founded by a group of software entrepreneurs who wanted to help their clients collect money efficiently via credit card and electronic funds transfer. Recognizing that traditional credit card terminals added unnecessary cost and were not well-suited for flexible and efficient software integration, they created a simple solution that provides secure web-based processing and protection of card holder information that reduces the challenges and burden of PCI compliance for small organizations.

The PromoPayment solution includes merchant accounts issued through only the best and most trusted acquirers in the U.S. and Canada. In the USA, we’ve partnered with TransFirst, one of the top 10 processors servicing over 200,000 merchants.

PromoPayment and ASI have teamed up to provide members hassle-free payment processing solutions at great rates.