Get Paid Easier, Faster, Safer

Simple & affordable credit card processing specially created for ASI members, fully integrated with ESP Websites.

The PromoPayment Plan:



(Gateway &Merchant Account)

(Here’s what you DON’T Pay!)

PromoPayment Saves in Multiple Ways

Lower costs for business cards

Most merchant accounts impose high non-qualification surcharges for Corporate & Purchase cards, which often make up a high portion of card use for promotional products. Our PromoPayment merchant account passes through only the true interchange rate differential for these cards.

We also don’t charge:

  • No Setup & Application fees
  • No Monthly Minimum fees
  • No Statement fees
  • No Extra Gateway fees
  • No Batch fees

Eliminating these fees can save $200-$500 or more per year!

How PromoPayment Makes Your Life Easier

  • Easily integrates with ESPWebsites (and ASI SmartBooks®) – no need to re-key data and eliminates errors.
  • Includes web-based virtual terminal (Accept payments by Phone, Fax, & Mail) – no credit card terminals, phone lines or add-on software.
  • Save on fees – no setup, no minimums, no PCI compliance fees and lower costs for corporate cards.
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex – one statement, one deposit, one base rate