Introducing eCheck Plus™ Electronic Payments

100% of the benefits at 25% of the cost!

eCheck Plus™ allows you improve the efficiency of your center, and provide your parents all the convenience of online or automatic tuition payments at much lower cost.

Here’s what you get:
  • Complete suite of electronic payment collection tools:
    • Online payments allowing 24/7 convenience
    • Automatic recurring payments from bank accounts
    • One time face-to-face or phone payments
  • EZ-CARE2 integration (eliminates data double entry)
  • Secure storage of parent bank account data for future payments
  • No terminals or hardware
  • No setup costs
  • No contracts – cancel anytime

eCheck Plus™ Pricing:




This cost is not only lower than credit cards, but also less than the true cost of manual check handling. Plus, this cost can be easily passed on the parents via convenience fee or integrated into pricing.